Issue 81: Happy New Year

Be at ease, the Blog Wyrm staff is well aware that the New Years was almost 4 weeks ago but since we publish on the last Friday of each month… well, better late than never. And in the spirit of that fine holiday where media give the best-of-2017-themed content, we offer a special issue filled with lists. Yes, you read that correctly, each article in this issue is filled with a list of the best of those items that fall within the unique scope of each column.

Up first, About Comics judges the superhero by the company he keeps – specifically the shady company that he keeps. Arguing that the measure of a hero is truly understood by adversity, the greatest villains are ranked and compared on an individual basis, by franchise, and by publisher. Have a peak to see just who is the most reprehensible and loathsome bad guy out there.

In the second article, Aristotle To Digital lists the top five accomplishments in mathematics and logic from the Twentieth century. These accomplishments, powerful results in their respective subdomains, also have had a profound continuing impact and on practical and philosophical thought.

Third on the list, Common Cents lists the top five economic myths that people everywhere, in stations great and small believe fervently, but erroneously nonetheless. And, in case you can’t guess what the top spot is just ask the average citizen of Venazuela.

In the fourth and final spot, Under The Hood ranks the top 10 Nobel prizes in physics. While all the prizes reflect truly amazing work, to make this list the prize had to reflect world-wide impact on everyday life. So, unless small scale TeV accelerators are going to become household items in the near future, don’t expect to see the Higgs boson on this list.