Issue 80: Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving all! It seems that these days, we are a rather fractured nation, sniping at each other nearly every day. This is a curious thing as we all enjoy so many blessings. From the lowest to the highest of us, we all enjoy a standard of living undreamt of a century ago. Yes there are differences in our station and inequities that keep us apart, but on the whole each of us is much better off than even the most highly placed a century ago.

We sometimes lose sight of this and I believe that this is something our professional agitation class tries hard to bring about. After all, how can we sell products without creating a desperate need to buy and this desperation can only exist in a country so rich if we are convinced it does.

So we at Blog Wyrm beg our readers to reflect on what we have in common rather than on that that separates and to careful count our blessings, including those citizens who secured these blessings by their talents, dedication, sacrifice, and low.

Speaking of our collective blessings, on of the most amazing ones is the ability to produce and publish anything we want on the internet. Truly amazing – just like this month’s columns.

Next time you are driving a car, throwing a dart, or catching a ball, consider just how you accomplish these everyday activities. It isn’t at all obvious. And the mystery deepens when you consider how one teaches a machine to mimic the same tasks. Aristotle To Digital lays out the differences between man and machine and shows just how curious and miraculous being human actually is.

Economic growth is critical to the continued health of an economy and the citizens who comprise it. Unfortunately, the last 10 years have suggested that strong economic growth was a thing of the past. As Common Cents argues, the rumors of the death of 3% growth and the arrival of a new normal have been greatly exagerated.

About Comics continues looking at Jack Kirby’s Fourth World series. This month’s column looks the dark decade that followed the end of the King’s initial take on the tales of New Genesis and Apokolips – a decade filled with fits and starts as DC tried to capitalize on the mythological legacy he bequeathed.

Under The Hood revisits the roller coaster problem from an earlier column with the Lagrange multiplier technology developed last month.
Representing the constraint forces properly, the multipliers provide a dependable way to numerically include the constraints and the resulting simulations show excellent dynamics.