Issue 70: That’s 240 in Dog Years

Well Blog Wyrm has reached another milestone – 70 issues. And all in the space of about 2 years. Not bad! Imagine if we had put out one per year. That would be 240 in dog years (not sure what that old expression really means but why not slip it in – we’re celebrating here). One per year would make us a septuagenarian and we all know what that means:

Yep! The world would be our oyster. Well, enough with the jocularity and pointless banter and onto the columns.

Ever wonder how can we explain the sorry situation that exists within the American citizenry with regards to a working knowledge of the rules of economics? Well the blame rests squarely on the those innocuous board games that everyone is playing. Don’t believe it? Well this month’s Common Cents will prove it beyond a reasonable doubt (assuming that your reasonable doubt makes allowance for tongue-in-cheek shenanigans).

Speaking of shenanigans, an old and somewhat comical word, one need look no further than some of the colorful turns of phrase offered by our political class in their finest moments – when they are walking that fine line in a speech where they try to be all things to all people. And certainly the famous oration If By Whiskey by one Noah S. “Soggy” Sweat, Jr. is often argued to be the pinnacle of political double-speak. But there are always two sides to every story and, as Aristotle To Digital demonstrates, Soggy may have more in common with ancient Greek philosophy than anyone ever thought.

On a more sober note (see what I did there), About Comics looks the great love story from J. O’Barr , The Crow. This graphic novel, which has all but disappeared from the comics discourse, was one of the great works from the 1980s. It went on to inspire a movie franchise and a number of spin-off works.

Finally, Under The Hood plays with the method of moving frames and shows how minimal frames can arise in a variety of ways.