Happy Halloween and welcome Autumn!  While it is true that each season ushers in changes and the promise of things to come, Autumn has a particular flavor all of its own.  Lots of interesting and exciting things happen in the fall months.  Kids begin to really buckle down in school. The leaves change color and the weather has a mind of its own.  Lazy summer months fade into memory as bustling activities and preparations for the coming Winter take place.

It seems appropriate that this time of change ushers in a bold experiment on our part – our blogzine.  What is a blogzine? To us it is more than a blog or a set of blogs.  It is a collection of columns, launched on a weekly basis every Friday, with a common look and feel that is designed to make you feel like you are reading a magazine.  But unlike the ‘professional’ media outlets our blogzine covers items near and dear to us, which are off the beaten track and hopefully interesting to you.  We look forward to reading your comments and your feedback.