Issue 77: Eclipsed by a Summer Break

This month, the Blog Wyrm staff decided to take a break from publishing our favorite blogzine. The reasons for this are many and manifold. All of us need a time to recharge; kids need to be ferried back to school; and a once-a-in-long-time opportunity to see an eclipse presented itself.

So, in place of this month’s offering, we instead offer these very beautiful images of the cresent sun produced by the ‘pinhole’ cameras formed by spaces in leaves.

Eclipse Crescents

Ordinarily, we only see roundish splotches since the round sun images over lap and the holes in the trees aren’t really pinholes. It is astonishing just how well the sun’s images appeared on the day of the eclipse.

So, we will be back next month with our usual spate of columns. Until then, enjoy!