Well two weeks turned into 6 weeks and we at Blog Wyrm do apologize. In our defense, half of our creative team has been busy supporting NASA’s launch of the Magnetospheric MultiScale (MMS) mission and mostly on the midnight shift. So it has taken a little longer to recover and get re-energized to get back to Blog Wyrm.

Anyway, we are back with issue 17 and in our prime (all pun intended).

This week’s Aristotle to Digital examines the Socratic Method and asks if this method was invented or discovered. If you have an opinion leave a comment.

A simple experiment from elementary mechanics involves rolling cylinders down inclined-planes and everyone knows how that experiment turns out – don’t they? Well this week’s Under the Hood argues that this innocent experiment is a lot more subtle than it looks.

No doubt you’ve heard that opposites attract but have you ever heard how they can join forces for a common goal? Common Cents shows how Baptists and Bootleggers can join forces and how the gunless and the gun runners can come to common goal where firearms are concerned.

What do Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Harry Houdini, Howard Phillips Lovecraft, and Amelia Earhart have in common. The league of distinguished historical figures form the lead cast for Herald: Lovecraft and Tesla. Find out all about it in About Comics.